Amazon Fast Forward 2023

At MJD Group, we know it’s high time we make some big changes in how we do things in the transport world, especially when it comes to using more sustainable energy. So, we recently hit up the Amazon Fast Forward 2023 convention in Berlin to learn all about electric vehicles.

The convention was like a crash course on the good and not-so-easy parts of using electric vehicles in our industry. We got the lowdown on what it takes to shift gears and make electric vehicles a big part of what we do at MJD Group.

Berlin, with its lively vibes, was the perfect place for us to think hard about what we learned and plan for the future. Now, armed with all that knowledge from the convention, our team is ready to steer MJD Group toward a more eco-friendly path. Our goal is simple—to be leaders in a transportation world that’s kinder to the environment.

Check out our tags, #Transportation, #MJDGroup, and #Sustainability—they’re like our signatures, showing how committed we are to making positive changes. Our trip to Berlin wasn’t just a regular journey; it was a smart move to put MJD Group at the forefront of the cool stuff happening in sustainable transportation.

Now, as we roll back into our London home base, buzzing with new ideas from Berlin, we want you to join us on this journey towards a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.

Keep an eye out for updates as we make these exciting changes! 🚛🌱 #GreenTransport #DrivingChange #SustainableFuture

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